Afasic Cymru

Supporting parents with children who have difficulties talking and understanding language.

Call our Helpline: 0300 666 9410

What is SLCN?

SLCN is often used as an umbrella term and it stands for Speech, Language and Communication Needs. It may be hard to spot when a child or young person has SLCN.
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Helping parents

We have a parents section packed full of useful information about SLCN including case studies and free downloads. Take a look at local groups, UK Helpline, useful resources and helpful videos.
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Training and learning

Afasic Cymru runs a varied programme of training for parents and professionals featuring top speakers and contributors. We have a selection of free downloads from past events.
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Skills and achievement

I have even learnt to cook at the Youth Club. In school the teachers don’t have the same patience. I can achieve things here without feeling stressed out.

Confidence building

I’ve enjoyed the Youth Club so much. I’ve made new friends and have more confidence. I like the activities here too.