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ALN Bill – survey for families & young people

Afasic cymru - ALN surveyThe Additional Learning Needs and Education Tribunal (Wales) Bill. Survey for families, parents and carers

The National Assembly’s Children, Young People and Education Committee are looking at the Welsh Government’s proposal for a new law: the Additional Learning Needs and Education Tribunal (Wales) Bill.

This survey is a chance for you to tell Assembly Members on the Committee what you think about the way people and organisations working with children and young people should give them extra support with their learning, where they need this.

The proposed new law will replace the current term ‘Special Educational Needs’ (SEN) with ‘Additional Learning Needs’ (ALN); do away with statements and instead give every learner with ALN the same type of Individual Development Plan; require local government and health bodies to work more closely together; and improve the information and advice on offer to families.

Almost everyone believes the system for helping children and young people with these needs must be improved and the Welsh Government recognises this too. Now that there is a proposed new law to consider, Assembly Members want to hear from as many people as possible.

Give your views
Please find links to consultations for you to send your comments and views:


Young People

Afasic Cymru have organised consultation events to be held in north Wales for parents & carers and young people and are in the process of trying to organise a similar event in south Wales so watch this space for updates

Consultation events for young people
8 February 2017 in West Rhyl Young People’s Project
9 February 2017 in Old Colwyn, TAPE
Further information:

Afasic Young People NW ALN Consultation 2017
(267.8 KiB, 71 downloads)

Consultation events for parents/carers
Monday 6 March 2017 at 10am at Cardiff and St Asaph.
Further information:

Afasic Parents Cardiff ALN Consultation 2017
(237.7 KiB, 156 downloads)
Afasic Parents St Asaph ALN Consultation 2017
(313.7 KiB, 174 downloads)

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