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Supporting parents with children who have difficulties talking and understanding.

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How to I access care and support in north Wales? - Afasic Cymru

The aim of this leaflet, published in July 2017,  is to explain important changes to the way that care and support is now assessed and delivered across north Wales. If you would like to talk more about this leaflet, please call the numbers on the back of this leaflet. Download now:

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Afasic Cymru video - parents talking about their children's problems with talking and understanding what others say

This new video shows a group of parents discussing their experiences and how Afasic has helped them. It was filmed and edited by young people from the Tape/Afasic Backstage Youth Club. The parents talk about how their children have grown in confidence, made friends and gained new skills by attending the Afasic youth clubs. One […]

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helping your school age child to talk and understand - Afasic Cymru

Talking and understanding others involves a range of skills that continue to develop throughout school. Building on the success of our Help at Home leaflets, and in response to requests from parents, these information leaflets are aimed at parents and carers with children of primary school age. They contain practical advice with ideas for games […]

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Afasic Cymru charity partner - Steps Training

We at Afasic Cymru are delighted to have been selected to be the first charity partner for Steps Training. Steps Training are a cost effective and bespoke training service based in Cardiff Bay. They will be offering Afasic Cymru a bespoke training course for up to 12 parents/carers…more details to follow soon. Steps Training will […]

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Afasic Cymru - carer drop-in sessions North Wales

Are you a Carer? If you need advice and information on the support and services that might be available to you as a Carer, call in at the free Carers Drop In Service on the dates and locations (in the download below) to meet a member of the Carers Team who would be happy to […]