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Supporting parents with children who have difficulties talking and understanding.

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Supporting Parents

Afasic Cymru - supporting parents

Information and help for parents

Afasic Cymru is not a service provider; therefore we can offer impartial advice and information to parents and carers of children with speech and language difficulties. We are here to help you get the right help and support for your child.

Talking and understanding

If your child has recently been diagnosed with specific language impairment (SLI) and speech, language and communication needs (SLCN) or if you feel your child’s talking is not developing as it should, we realise this is a whole new world for you and we hope we can simplify what is a very complex area.

What is DLD and SLCN?

SLCN is a general term used to describe any kind of difficulties with speech and language. They might have SLCN for many reasons, their talking could be delayed or their difficulty is associated with a learning or physical difficulty. DLD (previously known as SLI) fits under the SLCN “umbrella”, however those with DLD have very specific difficulties with talking but the difficulties are not associated with any other syndrome e.g. physical/sensory impairments or general learning difficulties.

Learn more about SLCN

We have some useful fact sheets and other free downloads about early support and recognising potential problems. We also have a set of glossary sheets which explains various speech and language difficulties.

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Confidential support and advice

If you’re worried and don’t know what to do or would like some advice please contact our Helpline. We are the only Helpline that knows enough about SLCN to help you understand your child’s difficulties, what help (s)he needs and how to get it.

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