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Supporting parents with children who have difficulties talking and understanding.

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Useful resources

Afasic Cymru useful resourcesAfasic Cymru has put together a list of useful information about services and help for parents of children with SLCN.

Activities suggestions
Anti-bullying advice
Apps for speech and language
Asperger’s counselling, advice and assessments
Care and support in north Wales
Carers drop-in advice service
Citizen Advice Bureau – Caerphilly
Citizen Advice Bureau – Conwy
Citizen Advice Bureau – Wrexham
Changes to state pension
Chatterblocks blog
Cinema tickets for parents/carers – free
Disability Index
Education Maintenance Allowance
Energy Best Deal and other energy advice
Family Fund
Getting out and about
Housing Options Team/Discretionary Assistance Fund
Learning disabilities, autism and internet safety – a parent’s guide
Local speech and language therapy services
Money Advice Service
Money Matters
National Autistic Society’s Transition Support Service
Skills 4 U
SNAP Cymru Helpline Service
Speech and language advice line
Speech and language therapy services for children helpline
Speech therapy voucher scheme
Swimability family sessions
Texting service for emergency services
‘Where You Stand’ Information Guide
Wrexham Maelor Hospital

Activities suggestions

One of “our” mums from the Newport area has collated a list of activities that her child has tried and tested & recommends that all the activities listed are suitable for the children and young people we represent – if other parents of children with SLCN can recommend activities/clubs or groups then please do contact us so that we can share this information with others.

Are You Being Bullied - English
(301.5 KiB, 367 downloads)

Anti-bullying advice

The Welsh government has produced some advice on what to do and who you can tell if you are being bullied.

Are You Being Bullied - English
(301.5 KiB, 367 downloads)
Activities For Children And Young People
(93.8 KiB, 901 downloads)

Apps for speech and language

If you’re a fan of mobile apps then you might like to take a look at a new website which was launched in November 2013, it has been designed to help people find the best health apps that suit their individual needs.

Each app has been recommended by healthcare communities which include empowered consumers, patients, carers and charities. There are plenty of apps to choose from and it is easy to browse through – have a look at the speech and language problems section or browse other sections of the website.

Asperger’s counselling, advice and assessments

Support for people (and those close to them) who are on the spectrum – whether officially diagnosed, self-diagnosed or just suspected.
Find out more:

Action For Aspergers - Counselling, Advice And Assessments
(2.9 MiB, 40 downloads)

How to I access care and support in north Wales?

Published: July 2017. The aim of this leaflet is to explain important changes to the way that care and support is now assessed and delivered across Wales. If you would like to talk more about this leaflet, please call the numbers on the back of this leaflet.
Find out more:

How Do I Access Care And Support In North Wales?
(897.6 KiB, 93 downloads)
Sut Ydw I’n Cael Mynediad At Ofal A Chymorth Yng Ngogledd Cymru?
(1.3 MiB, 85 downloads)

Carers drop-in advice service

Are you a Carer? If you need advice and information on the support and services that might be available to you as a Carer, call in at the free Carers Drop In Service on the following dates and locations to meet a member of the Carers Team who would be happy to help you. Find out more:

Carers Drop-In Advice Service - North Wales - April - Sept 2017
(101.2 KiB, 149 downloads)

Citizens Advice Bureau – Caerphilly

Caerphilly County Citizens Advice Bureau is funded to provide advice to families who have a child with additional needs, in order to maximise the household income. They have no definition of additional needs, and no diagnosis needs to be in place. There just needs to be a suspicion or expectation that an assessment would show additional needs.

Caerphilly CAB are able to provide this support and assistance across Caerphilly, Blaenau Gwent and Monmouthshire.

This covers all aspects that help may be needed to help maximise the income of the household, and that of the non-resident parent’s household. For example, we can provide a quick benefit check over the phone, form filling, help with appeals, or information on CEA Cards for cinema passes.

For more info please contact Steph Price on 01443 835363, extension 229 or email

Caerphilly CAB Advice
(229.2 KiB, 354 downloads)

Citizens Advice Bureau – Conwy

Conwy District Citizens Advice Bureaux offer free, independent, impartial, confidential advice on any topic. They provide a number of dropins in the area – to find out more, please see below:

Citizens Advice Drop-in Sessions 2016 - Conwy
(159.7 KiB, 348 downloads)

Citizens Advice Bureau – Wreham

Wrexham and District Citizens Advice Bureaux offer free, independent, impartial, confidential advice on any topic. They provide a number of dropins in the area – to find out more, please see below:

Wrexham CAB Community Drop Ins
(364.9 KiB, 697 downloads)

Changes to state pension

From 6 April 2010, parents and carers are eligible for credits to build up State Pension entitlement. You may be eligible for credits if you care for a child under the age of 12, or for a sick or disabled person. Registered foster carers are also eligible.

State Pension Changes
(29.0 KiB, 362 downloads)

Chatterblocks blog

A blog about parenting a child with Specific Language Impairment (SLI).
Read the blog >>

Cinema tickets for parents/carers – FREE

Are you in receipt of Disability Living Allowance or Attendance Allowance? if so,then you can apply for The Cinema Exhibitors’ Association Card. This is a national card that can be used to verify that the holder is entitled to one free ticket for a person accompanying them to the cinema.

How to apply for free cinema tickets
(53.5 KiB, 407 downloads)

Disability Index

Are you a Parents and Carers of a child with SLCN living in the Vale of Glamorgan? Does your child have a disability that affects their everyday life? Then you can add them to the Disability Index. Now more families can sign up to the Disability Index. Up until now, children had to be receiving Disability Living Allowance (DLA) in order to be included on the Index. This restricted many families who would really benefit from receiving the index newsletter and other information. Therefore, the criterion has been extended and if a child or young person has a diagnosed disability or is in the process of diagnosis, they can sign up to the Index.

The Index is for children age 0 – 18 years and once registered you will receive a copy of the quarterly newsletter ‘the index’, packed full of information on playschemes, events, clubs, benefits information and services for children and families. You will also receive regular information if you wish. The newsletter is produced quarterly and is sent to all families whose children are registered on the Disability Index. The Disability Index is administered by the Vale of Glamorgan Council Child Health and Disability Team, with support from the Family Information Service.

The Index helps service providers to plan their services for children with disabilities. It gives a clearer picture of how many children and young people there are with a disability in the Vale of Glamorgan.

The Index is being supported by Families First Grant funding to help better co-ordinate services.

Disability Index - Registration Form
(194.0 KiB, 366 downloads)
Disability Index Newsletter Issue 12 January 2015
(1.5 MiB, 613 downloads)

Education Maintenance Allowance

Education Maintenance Allowance – EMA – is an income-assessed weekly allowance of £30 to help students with the cost of further education. It is paid every two weeks directly into the student’s bank account.

Education Maintenance Allowance (EMA) information
(210.3 KiB, 462 downloads)

Energy Best Deal

Energy Best Deal is a public awareness campaign run by Citizens Advice (CAB) with the support of Ofgem and major energy companies, designed to help low income and vulnerable consumers understand their energy bills and increase confidence to shop around for the best deal.

Energy Prices Best Deal - English
(400.7 KiB, 411 downloads)
Energy Prices Best Deal - Welsh
(459.8 KiB, 381 downloads)
Energy bills - how and where to pay
(1.0 MiB, 380 downloads)
Energy saving - information for frontline workers - Wales
(1.0 MiB, 608 downloads)

Family Fund

The Family Fund has changed its criteria and the way it looks at income. It now has one income limit for the whole of the UK. It looks at the money coming into a household to decide whether a family’s income meets the new income limit of £28000. To find out if the Family Fund can help you please visit their website.

Find out more from the Family Fund website

Getting out and about

Getting out and about and doing the activities that all families enjoy is important for children with speech, language and communication needs. It is also important for their brothers and sisters. Many attractions offer concessions to visitors with special needs – you may be entitled to apply for passes/wrist bands to avoid excessive waiting times. For more information see The National Autistic Society website to view a list off attractions and concessions they offer.

Housing Options Team/Discretionary Assistance Fund

Vicar’s Relief Fund – The Vicar’s Relief Fund supports people who are threatened with homelessness, are homeless or vulnerable, or have experience of being homeless and are trying to establish or maintain a tenancy. They only accept applications from Support Workers employed by agencies such as local authority social services, housing associations, Citizens Advice Bureaux, and other statutory and voluntary organisations. They can only fund activities that assist someone in securing a stable tenancy. For example, where rent arrears have put someone at risk of becoming homeless, a grant from the VRF will remove the threat of eviction. Where someone who is in temporary accommodation and needs help putting together a deposit, a VRF grant can assist. The VRF also makes grants for essential items such as beds, cookers and fridge freezers where this will help someone secure a tenancy.  The average grant is around £200.00.

Buttle UK – Buttle UK can assist young people aged 18yrs or under who are living with parents / carers or young people aged 20yrs or under who are living independently who are estranged or orphaned. They can assist with essential household items, furniture, kitchen equipment, baby equipment & children’s bed/bedding.  Maximum grant is around £300.00.

Glasspool Grant – The Glasspool Trust is one of the few national charities making grants to individuals which has no restrictions on the type of beneficiary. Their aim is to provide timely, life-enhancing support to people in need; short-term involvement for long-term impact. They do not accept applications from individuals directly

Learning Disabilities, Autism and Internet Safety:
A Parent’s Guide.

A new guide to help parents of children with learning disabilities and autism was launched on 15 October. The guide, a collaboration between charities Cerebra, Mencap and Ambitious about Autism, aims to help parents limit the risk of their child having negative experiences online and understand what action can be taken if they do. It also suggests resources that will help children get the most out of the internet at home and in the community.

Parents Guide to Internet Safety
(1.1 MiB, 544 downloads)

Local speech and language therapy services

If you are worried about your child’s talking or would like more information, please call your local speech and language therapy services.

Local Speech And Language Therapy Services
(99.9 KiB, 351 downloads)

Money Advice Service

The letter below (from the Deputy Minister for Tackling Poverty) provides information about the Money Advice Service in Wales. There are some really good tools on the website including quite a comprehensive budget calculator as well as debt management, benefits advice, letter templates and lots more!  Please have a look at the site for yourselves and see what it has available.

Money Advice Service Letter - English
(74.7 KiB, 367 downloads)
Money Advice Service Letter - Welsh
(72.7 KiB, 312 downloads)

Money Matters

A checklist when your child has additional needs
Benefits expert, Derek Sinclair, has revised Contact a Family’s free guide to benefits that parents may be entitled to. You can download it, or order a copy by calling the free helpline on 0808 808 3555.

National Autistic Society’s Transition Support Service

The National Autistic Society’s Transition Support Service in Wales has recently been launched. This service will offer telephone and email advice to autistic young people and their families to help them achieve a successful transition from school into further education or adult life. Highly trained volunteers will offer information and advice on transition planning, the kind of support that should be available in further education and the community for school leavers, how to access this support, accessing financial support and help with exploring various options and services that can help support transition.

You can contact a specialist volunteer advisor via:
Telephone: 0808 800 0027 (free from landlines and most mobiles)

More information below:

Autism Transition Support Service - English
(3.7 MiB, 263 downloads)
Autism Transition Support Service - Welsh
(3.7 MiB, 137 downloads)


Contact a Family & The Family Fund have produced a guide about the brothers and sisters of children who have a disability or long-term illness. It is written for parents and for those working with families who have a disabled child. Every child and family is different and not all the points mentioned here will apply to every situation. The issues discussed are those brought up most often by parents and brothers and sisters themselves.

Contact A Family - Siblings
(323.2 KiB, 414 downloads)

Skills 4 u

The Dyscovery Centre, University of Wales, Newport is currently running skill building days for young people with Special Education Needs aged 14-17 years.

Skills 4 u teaches essential living and learning skills such as organisation, social skills and computing in a university environment. All skills are taught through fun, interactive activities in small groups.

Skills 4 u sessions are free of charge to families. For more information or to reserve a place for your child, please contact:

Lisa Edwards
Tel: 01633 432330

SNAP Cymru Helpline Service

SNAP Cymru is dedicated to helping children, young people, families and carers and professionals, they will provide you with FREE, IMPARTIAL, CONFIDENTIAL, accurate information, advice and support around any concerns you may have regarding you or your child’s education and development.

SNAP Cymru’s telephone helpline number: 08451203730.

SNAP Cymru Helpline Info
(439.5 KiB, 416 downloads)

Speech and Language Advice Line

The advice line is available Monday 9.00am to 10.00am and Thursday 3.30pm to 4.30pm. It’s a chance to speak to a therapist about various issues. The Advice Line is open to residents of the Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board areas (North Wales).

Speech and language advice line information
(181.3 KiB, 645 downloads)

Speech and language therapy services for children helpline

NHS Wales helpline provides information about how to refer and waiting times as well as an opportunity to discuss concerns. The helpline is open on Mondays 3pm to 4pm and Thursday 12pm to 1pm.
Find out more below:

Helpline: speech and language therapy services for children
(292.9 KiB, 194 downloads)

Speech Therapy Voucher Scheme

The Speech Therapy Voucher scheme is now part of the Cerebra Grants Scheme. You can find out more information and download an application form from the Cerebra website.

The grant is for children who are recognised as needing SALT but have not had any with a therapist (one to one or group) for over 6 months. The parent needs to fill out a grant application and follow the guidelines. They need to present a quote for therapy up to £600 from a therapist. If accepted Cerebra will fund 80% of the cost.

Cerebra does not fund written assessments but initial assessments that most therapists do at the beginning of therapy is okay, as long as the quotation includes primary therapy.

Swimability Family Sessions

A swimming session for disabled young people or adults and their families.

Fridays 6-8pm, starting Friday 14th January 2011 in Wrexham.
A swimming session for the whole family, please see flyer below for more details.

Swimability Family Session information
(364.5 KiB, 388 downloads)

Texting service for emergency services

A texting service for people with Speech or Hearing difficulties to use in emergency situations is now on offer. To be able to use the service the individual must first register their mobile phone number by either going on-line to or by texting the word ‘register’ to 999 then following the instructions they receive.

The service must only be used by people who can’t make voice calls. If an emergency occurs once they’ve registered they can then send a message to 999, stating what the problem is, and they will receive a reply within 2 minutes.

Texting service for emergency situations
(131.8 KiB, 386 downloads)

‘Where You Stand’ Information guide

The Cardiff and the Vale Parents’ Federation have launched the latest edition of their popular ‘Where You Stand’ guide. It’s full of vital information for people with a learning disability. Within its pages are details on how to access services, where to go for assistance and advice and where to find alternative sources of support along with contact details for hundreds of useful organisations and groups.

The guide is available online or is free to all carers and families with a learning disability across the Vale. The Parents’ Federation also co-ordinates a variety of carer focused social activities.

Wrexham Maelor Hospital

If any of our members/supporters need to visit Wrexham Maelor Hospital for an appointment – they are eligible to claim back travelling expenses. You can download an expense form below or ask at the clinic you are attending.

Wrexham Maelor Hospital - Travel Expenses Info
(221.5 KiB, 634 downloads)
Wrexham Maelor Hospital - Travel Expenses Claim
(220.5 KiB, 446 downloads)