Afasic Cymru

Supporting parents with children who have difficulties talking and understanding.

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Early support

Glossary of speech and language terms

This free download in English and Welsh is a guide to some of the terminology you will come across when getting help for your child.

Glossary of speech and language terms
(314.8 KiB, 336 downloads)
Rhestr O Dermau Iaith A Lleferydd
(289.1 KiB, 219 downloads)

Parent case study – selective mutism

A parent talks about her daughter’s difficulties and her struggle to get the right help.

Parent Story - My Daughter and Selective Mutism
(166.8 KiB, 47 downloads)

Speaking out!/Codi’ch llais!

This practical leaflet – with examples and suggestions for support – focuses on helping children find their voice when starting school. Speech and language therapists and Early Years staff are noticing an increase in the number of children who talk happily and noisily to close family, but say very little in school.

Speaking Out!
(234.0 KiB, 263 downloads)
Codich Llais!
(221.3 KiB, 254 downloads)

Key facts about Dyspraxia

This bilingual sheet gives basic information about Dyspraxia and suggestions for help and support.

Key Facts About Dyspraxia (bilingual)
(317.8 KiB, 428 downloads)

Toddler Talk by Margo Sharp

This 5 page fact sheet gives examples of games to play with your child to help develop their early communication skills.

Toddler Talk
(269.6 KiB, 439 downloads)

Early Support booklet

Early Support bookletIf you are at the beginning stages of finding out about SLCN this resource will give you some helpful information about identification and diagnosis.

If you know your child has SLCN, the resource might be able to give you some additional information about next steps.

Early Support Booklet
(247.7 KiB, 773 downloads)

Handy Hints

Afasic Cymru Handy HintsA series of quick and easy guides – with practical tips and advice – for helping children and young people with speech, language and communication needs.

These sheets are aimed at parents but may also be of interest to professionals.

Available below as a free pdf download in Welsh and English.

Nodi anhawster/nam posibl (375 hits)

Gwella sgiliau gwneud synau (362 hits)

Defnyddio geiriau (302 hits)

Gwella sgiliau echddygol gwael (414 hits)

Sgiliau eraill sy'n gyslltiedig ag iaith (395 hits)

Recognising a possible difficulty (573 hits)

Improving the making of sounds (621 hits)

Use of Words (613 hits)

Improving poor motor skills (443 hits)

Other language related skills (530 hits)

Difficulties and disorders

Useful reading about various speech and language difficulties with in depth analysis, examples and case studies.

Developmental verbal dyspraxia
Information for parents featuring two case studies.

Developmental Verbal Dyspraxia (1469 hits)

Autism, Asperger’s syndrome and semantic-pragmatic disorder: Where are the boundaries?
by Professor Dorothy Bishop

This 18 page document looks at the varying forms of language disorders and behavioural difficulties.
Reproduced by kind permission from publishers.

Autism, Asperger's Syndrome and Semantic-Pragmatic Disorder by Dorothy Bishop (5859 hits)

Semantic Pragmatic Disorder
by Margo Sharp
This 18 page document takes an in depth look at Semantic Pragmatic Disorder with a list of tell-tale signs in various age groups of children.

Semantic Pragmatic Disorder By Margo Sharp (1168 hits)