Afasic Cymru

Supporting parents with children who have difficulties talking and understanding.

HELPLINE: 0300 666 9410

Help at home

These ‘help at home’ fact sheets are aimed at parents with young children.

They contain useful practical advice with games and activities to help children develop skills and language.

They are available in both English and Welsh as free downloads. Hard copies can be ordered at a cost of £40 per 100 (see below).

Defnyddio Geiriau A Siarad (383 hits)

Deall Iaith (674 hits)

Cael Gwared Ar Ddymiau (361 hits)

Canolbwyntioa Gwrando (502 hits)

Cyn Geiriau (428 hits)

Lleferydd Anwastad (403 hits)

Chwarae (353 hits)

Using Words And Talking (841 hits)

Understanding Language (620 hits)

Getting Rid Of Dummies (641 hits)

Concentrating And Listening (565 hits)

Before Words (503 hits)

Bumpy Speech (912 hits)

Play (660 hits)

100 hard copies – £40

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