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The DVD (Developmental Verbal Dyspraxia) Debate

DVD debate - Afasic CymruAs we have seen with the SLI Debate, terminology in the field of paediatric speech and language therapy can be a problematic issue. The term DVD (Developmental Verbal Dyspraxia) has been widely used for some time, but has always raised questions. Is it an appropriate term to use for children? Is it ever an accurate diagnosis? Does it even exist?

Over the next few months, we will be featuring a number of contributions from a range of experts with differing viewpoints. In the first article (below) Sean Pert argues that, in most cases, the term ‘Inconsistent Phonological Disorder’ (IPD)  more accurately describes children’s difficulties.

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Speech Disorder In Young Children by Dr Sean Pert
(269.7 KiB, 276 downloads)

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