Afasic Cymru

Supporting parents with children who have difficulties talking and understanding.

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Afasic Cymru Youth Project

Afasic Cymru Youth Project

Aims of the Youth Clubs

The aims of the Youth Clubs/projects are simple.  We want to provide opportunities for the young people we represent:

  • to improve their social communication skills
  • to enable them to build and maintain friendships
  • to improve their life skills
  • reduce their feelings of social isolation

Participation and fun

Each Youth Club has a minimum of 3 support staff working with the young people to encourage their participation.  The Youth Clubs do not offer 1:1 support and the young people attending should be willing and able to attend independently of their parents/carers thus encouraging them to interact with their peers.  We cannot offer transport to and from any of the projects.

We run Youth Clubs across Wales

Join in the fun and come along to a youth club near you.

My daughter is more confident

The youth club has given my daughter the freedom to express herself, she has become much more confident in herself and her opinions.

What the youth club means to me

People accept me and that makes me feel good about myself.