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Supporting parents with children who have difficulties talking and understanding.

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Youth resources

Applying for a place at a specialist further education college: A guide for Young People aged 19-25

further education guidance for young people with slcn in WalesThis guide is for the families and carers of young people in Wales, aged between 19-25 who have learning disabilities, which cannot be met by their local college, and who want to attend a specialist further education college.

Further guides and useful information can be found on the Mencap website.

Transition To Specialist Further Education Tool Kit
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Mytravelpass for young people

mytravelpass for young peopleWelsh Government have launched a £15m discounted bus travel scheme for young people aged 16-18

Mytravelpass, is funded by the Welsh government and will entitle 110,000 passengers aged 16-18 to a third off bus fares anywhere in Wales.

Transport Minister Edwina Hart said it would make it easier for them to access jobs and training opportunities.

The pass applies to local journeys and longer distance TrawsCymru routes.

All details can be found on

Young people will need a passport sized photo to apply:

The young person will then receive their travel pass which is ready to use immediately – they simply hop on a bus, present mytravelpass to the driver to receive a third off the price of their ticket compared to the equivalent adult fare.

When the words won’t come out

when the words wont come outA booklet about selective mutism for teenagers and adults. This booklet summarises what selective mutism
(SM) is, how it messes with your mind, how it can be overcome and the most important change you can make TODAY.

When The Words Won't Come Out
(377.6 KiB, 371 downloads)
Pan Na Ddawr Geiriau Allan
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Anti-bullying advice

The Welsh government has produced some advice on what to do and who you can tell if you are being bullied.

Are You Being Bullied - English
(301.5 KiB, 367 downloads)
Are You Being Bullied - Welsh
(401.8 KiB, 299 downloads)

Pedal Power

Cycling for disabled children and young people. After school and weekend cycling opportunities with a variety of specialised bikes and trikes. Find out more below:

Pedal Power - English
(162.8 KiB, 279 downloads)
Pedal Power - Cymraeg
(163.3 KiB, 293 downloads)

Let’s Get it Right

Part of a new children’s rights scheme. Read more below in the bilingual flyer.

Gwneud Pethau'n Iawn - Lets Get It Right
(230.9 KiB, 763 downloads)

Apps for good health

My health appsIf you’re a fan of mobile apps then you might like to take a look at a new website which was launched in November 2013, it has been designed to help people find the best health apps that suit their individual needs.

Each app has been recommended by healthcare communities which include empowered consumers, patients, carers and charities. There are plenty of apps to choose from and it is easy to browse through – have a look at the speech and language problems section or browse other sections of the website.

The Orange Wallet Scheme

Orange Wallet SchemeWelsh Government has launched the ‘Orange Wallet’ which has been designed to aid individuals who have communication difficulties particularly when accessing public transport.

The wallet will hold inserts that the individual can download and print off then personalise with the information they require e.g. “a single ticket to Colwyn Bay please” or “how much for a return ticket to Rhyl please?”

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